Safety OSHA Laminated Decal Sticker Kit for Bucket Truck, Crane Truck, Boom Truck | Aerial Lifts Stickers | Warning Decals | Electrical Hazard Keep Clear Bucket Truck | 40 Pieces


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• Easy to install
• Laminated for durability and protection
• Waterproof and all-weather resistant
• Made from durable and fade resistant vinyl
• Great for outdoor use
• Proudly made in the USA

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BUCKET TRUCK SAFETY STICKERS: An excellent way to warn about potential danger. Place on Bucket Trucks, Crane Trucks, Boom Trucks & More. Place warnings in every hazardous spot. Crane Safety Labels make it easy to put important reminders in the necessary places. Place Bucket Truck Stickers everywhere a warning is needed.

PROTECT YOUR BODY: Bucket Truck Stickers help prevent workers from accidents and injury. Should be placed anywhere a person can be electrocuted, crushed, maimed, etc. Keep employees safe! Safety comes first!

DURABLE, FADE RESISTANT AND WATERPROOF DECAL: It’s laminated for durability, protected from moisture, solvents, chemicals, abrasion and fading. Easily wipe off dirt, dust, or grease. 100% waterproof, heat and cold resistant. Our decals are proudly designed and made in the USA from durable and high quality vinyl.

EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVAL: Do-it-yourself installation. Peel and stick Decal. Flexible vinyl with round corners, permanent adhesive and peel-off liner. Easily removable and will not leave behind a sticky residue or damage the vehicle surface.

– 4 x Outrigger Crush Hazard Sticker (Size: 4″x 5″). Danger, outriggers will cause serious crushing injury, stand clear. This outrigger crush sticker can also be called a stabilizer crush sticker. One sticker should be placed on each outrigger or stabilizer. A sticker is also placed on the SFO, single front outrigger if your crane is equipped with one.
– 2 x Electrical Hazard Sticker (Size: 4.75″x 7.5″). Danger, electrical hazards this unit is not insulated. Death or serious injury will result if operator or unit contacts or is too close to electrical power lines, equipment or other electrically charged objects. Maintain safe clearances from electrical power lines following applicable government regulations. Allow for boom, platform, electric line and winch line sway.
– 4 x Non Insulated Sticker (Size: 10.5″x 1.75″).
– 2 x Keep Operator’s Manual in Cab Sticker (Size: 7″x 3″). Read, understand, and follow the manual, labels, safety instructions and your employer’s work rules. Keep operator’s manual in cab.
– 1 x Hydraulic Oil Sticker (Size: 5″x 2″).
– 2 x Operation by Qualified Personnel Only Sticker (Size: 5″x 5″). Danger, operation by qualified personnel only. Operating this machine without proper training will result in death or serious injury to yourself and others. Do NOT operate this equipment unless:
• You have been qualified/certified by your employer or other.
• You follow your employer’s work rules, Government regulations, and the operating instructions found in the manufacturer’s manuals, unit decals, and other material provided with this unit.
• You are sure the unit is operating properly and has been inspected, maintained, and tested in accordance with, the manufacturer’s and government’s requirements.
• You are sure all decals, covers, and guards are properly installed.
• You are sure the platform occupant(s) are wearing personal fall protection equipment.
– 2 x Diesel Fuel Sticker (Size: 5″x 2″).
– 2 x Electrocution Hazard Sticker (Size: 7.5″x 4.75″). Danger, electrocution hazard. Death or serious injury will result from contact with or inadequate clearance to electrical power lines and apparatus.
• Maintain safe clearance from electrical power lines in accordance with applicable government regulations. Allow for boom, platform, electrical line, and load safety sway.
• This machine does not protect from contact with or proximity to an electrically charged power line when you are in contact with or in proximity to another power line.
– 2 x Fall Hazard Sticker (Size: 5″x 4″). Danger fall hazard. Death or serious injury will result from falling from the platform.
• All platform occupants must use an OSHA approved fall protection system attached to the anchor provided.
• Platform door, if provided, must be securely latched & inspect latch daily.
• Secondary platform door restraint must be latched on platforms equipped with doors.
• Do not sit or stand on platform edge or other devices for a work position.
– 2 x Failure to Secure Boom Sticker (Size: 5″x 4″). Danger, failure to secure boom in boom rest during transport will result in death, serious injury or property damage. Consult owner’s manual for proper stowage information.
– 2 x Bucket Capacity Label Sticker (Size: 4″x 2″). Bucket capacity. Different weights are included, so you can select the one corresponding to the capacity of the bucket.
– 10 x Bucket Capacity Weight Sticker (Size: 4″x 1.5″). 2 x 250 lbs. (113 kg) | 2 x 300 lbs. (136 kg) | 2 x 350 lbs. (159 kg) | 2 x 400 lbs. (181 kg) | 2 x 500 lbs. (227 kg)
– 2 x Secure Secondary Retaining Latch Sticker (Size: 10″x 1″). Secure door secondary retaining device prior to the operation of the unit.
– 2 x Electrical Hazard – Large Sticker (Size: 10″x 4.75″). Danger, electrical hazard. Death or serious injury will result from contact with load, unit, vehicle or vehicle attachments if any part of the unit becomes energized. All workers must understand and follow safe electrical work practices. If any part of the unit is elevated within the minimum approach distance of an energized conductor, all unauthorized personnel must keep clear.
– 1 x Attach Lanyard Here Sticker (Size: 10″x 1″).

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